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03 May 2017


April 14, 2017: Responding to Vietnamese Book Day (21/4), Nha Trang University held the Book Fair 2017 with the participation of representatives of donors, high schools in Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province Library, Naval Academy, Telecommunications University, University of Khanh Hoa, FAHASA Bookshop, and Khanh Hoa Books Joint Stock Company.


                                                                The leaders of NTU give flowers to representatives of participants

The Book Fair took place from April 14 to April 16,2017, with the main activities:

- Exhibition of more than 8,000 titles of books with various catogories such as business, biotechnology and environment, military science, diplomacy, literature and art, history, sovereignty of sea and island of Vietnam, maps, images and movies about political issues ...

- Selling books with discount prices for readers, especially pupils and students.

- Activities for developing reading skills and culture.

- MoU signing between NTU and libraries of other institutions for mutual material exchange, MoU signing with high schools in Nha Trang city for granting rights to use Nha Trang University Library. 



At the opening ceremony, leaders of Nha Trang University and Ly Tu Trong High School signed a cooperation agreement, in which Nha Trang University committed to support to:

- Organize activities to welcome pupils and teachers of Ly Tu Trong High School to visit Nha Trang University such as: laboratory visits, career orientation seminars and admission counseling .

- Assist teachers and pupils of Ly Tu Trong High School to participate in the science and technology creation contest organized annually by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Department of Education and Training of Khanh Hoa province.; Allow teachers and pupils to use the laboratory system and equipment of Nha Trang University for scientific research when needed.

- Grant teachers and pupils of Ly Tu Trong High School the rights to use the materials of Nha Trang University (books, printed materials, digital library) for study and research purposes.

- Give priorities, offer tuition waive or scholarships for students of Ly Tu Trong High School when they meet the criteria required by Nha Trang University.


On this occasion, the NTU Library presented 15 gifts to outstanding pupils of high schools in Nha Trang City, 10 presents to NTU students who are positive readers of the Library.


The Book Fair 2017 of Nha Trang University is a practical activity in response to Vietnamese Book Day (21/4), creating a place for meeting, exchanging between staffs, lecturers, students of institutions with pupils of high schools in Nha Trang City. At the same time, this is a place for discussing of cooperation in the field of library, book publication and issue.

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