PhD Training

I. Biotechnology Component
1. PhD Nguyen Thi Hai Thanh

 Form for the candidate : Midway evaluation


Candidate name: Nguyen Thi Hai Thanh

Project title: :

Mutualism of clownfish and sea anemone in captive condition

Period of financing:


Main Supervisor:

Audrey Geffen

Co-supervisors: Ngo Dang Nghia, Dang Thuy Binh, Ha Le Thi Loc

Progress and status of the project:

All the experimental works has been done, data has been processing. Three papers published on peer journals has been prepared to be submitted in the next year.

Progress and status for the training component: Courses are completed, except for Ethics course will be completed in Spring semester, 2018. One conference presentation and one poster had been completed. One poster and one oral presentation planned for international conferences in 2018.

Status for manuscripts:

2 of 3 manuscrips have been outlined. Data of third paper has been analysing. The tiltes with priority of manuscripts will be:


No\%of complete

Experimental work

Data analysis






Paper 1: Mucous protein profiling helps to explain clownfish – sea anemone symbiosis








Paper 2: Molecular phylogeny of symbiosis clownfish - sea anemone interfering in coevolution








Paper 3: Dominant fish in clownfish social structure were chosen as individuals with high metabolic rate in larval stage?








Challenges in the project (both former and in the future):

Failure on getting scientific equipment on ocean acidification changed the original plan, moving the wet lab made a delay on PhD student’s research.


Progression plan for finishing the project:

Time schedule will be followed as described below:

Time (Period)


Dec, 2017

Completing data process for paper 1, writing paper 1. Completing data process for paper 2

Jan, 2018

Editing paper 1, submitting paper 1, writing paper 2

February - March, 2018

Study 2 courses in Spring: MNF990, and LAS 302; Otolith labwork

Arpil, 2018

Submitting paper 2, Otolith Symposium at Taiwan, Otolith labwork

May - Jun, 2018

Data analysis, writing, editing paper 3

July, 2018

Submitting paper 3, participate Conference at UK

August - Sep, 2018

Writing thesis (Intensive)

Oct – Nov, 2018

Submitting thesis

Feb, 2019

Complete 2 trial lectures, defend thesis


Comments on the supervision:

Demonstrating flexible capacity, awareness on adjusting research plan adapting with new situation. Encourage, support student to complete research and publication plans. High responsibility.

Comments on administrative support: sufficient


Any other  issues affecting the project

Lack of realities on possibility of establishing ocean acidification facilities in NTU, insufficient connection between UiB and NTU on project proposal preparation.



II. Economic component 

Project title: Macro and Micro-level impacts of climate change on Vietnamese aquaculture: A case study in central and southern parts of Vietnam

Project objective:

My Phd project concentrates on

  • Economic efficiency of shrimp farming under climate change

•       Income source and household livelihood strategies of aquaculture household under the impact of natural disasters

•       Shrimp farming households’ perceptions and risk attitudes regarding climate change

Specific objective:

  • First paper aims to estimate shrimp farming inefficiency under the influence of variables related to climatic events, farming characteristics and socio economic factors, which shrimp production system are appropriate to cope to climatic events (drought, saltwater intrusion, irregular season)
  • Second paper tries to assess the income source, expenditure change, poverty status and household livelihood strategies for resilience capacity of aquaculture household under the impact of natural disasters in Vietnam.
  • Third paper highlights shrimp farming households’ perceptions and risk attitudes regarding climate change in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam by identifying determinants that affect shrimp farmer’s choice of adaptation measures to climate events. The adaptation methods applied to restrict the impact of climatic events focus on 5 types, namely changes in farming practices, changes in farm infrastructure, shifts to other occupations, and received support and others adaptive measures


Methods: Details for methods have already presented in the approved research proposal.

Time schedule: This project build the farm level dataset on a survey of shrimp culture in the South, Central parts of Vietnam. Fieldtrips and Data collection were carried out from July 2016 to Aug 2017.


-          Courses and credits for PhD program (done)

-          01 Research proposal (done)

-          01 survey design  (done)

-          At least 01 paper will be presented in the international conference (done)

-          At least 01 paper will be published in journal (on going)

-          02 manuscripts will be prepared; at least 01 manuscript received the first reviewer feedback. (on going)

Activities have been done until 31st Dec 2017

  1. The research proposal was approved by supervisors and rector of Nha Trang University.
  2. First data collection was implemented completely. Doing data analysis are carrying out at Norway and used for writing 02 draft manuscripts. From the April to Aug 2017, many fieldtrips to central parts of Vietnam (Ninh Hoa district, Van Ninh district, Ninh Thuan province) and southern part of Vietnam (Ben Tre province, Bac Lieu province, Ca Mau province) was done  and used for the first of manuscript.
  3. Return to Uit to work with supervisors, data analysis doing and seminar particiaptation.
  4. Complete mid term evaluation at Uit and received good feedback.
  5. Paper 1 was accepted for presented in international conference in IIFET 2018
  6. Several pictures from data collection that related to the Norhed project
  1. Travel expenses (visa + air ticket) between Tromso and Vietnam: 9600 NOK and 45000 NOK respectively: Use two times in 2015 and 2017 for studying course and working in Uit (17 months)
  2. Conference, course participation: 25000 NOK (on going), PhD will use this budget line for IIFET conference in 2018
  1. Social science data collection and analysis expenses: 134000 NOK. PhD used 84196.62 NOK for data collection and books and data analysis, approved by supervisors
  2. Fellowship (18 months) in Vietnam: 45000 NOK. PhD received 14 months fellowship in Vietnam from July 2016 to Aug 2017

Tentative Activities in 2018

  1. Submitting manuscript of paper 1 to Aquaculture Economics and Management journal and IIFET 2018 conference in Feb 2018
  1. Presenting the paper 1 at IIFET 2018 conference in Seattle, US in July 2018
  2. Writing manuscript of paper 2 and planning submit to journal in 2018
  3. Doing more data collection for manuscript of paper 3 in PhD project
–Thesis Topic: Climate change, economic performance and poverty in small scale fisheries in Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam
Prof Arne Eide
Prof Claire Armstrong
Dr Le Kim Long
–The supervisor has approved for the topic of three expected papers
Paper 1: A study on fishermen’s perceptions on the impact of climate change on small- scale fisheries in Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam.
Paper 2: Economic performance and fishing capacity in small-scale fisheries in Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam.
Paper 3: A study on poverty in small-scale fisheries in Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam.

-          Finish the data collection for the three papers on March.2017

-          Come back Norway to study on 29.8.2017

-          Discuss and analysis the data set with my supervisors in Norway

-          Conduct the mid-term evaluation and get the valuable inputs to my first paper from the research committee at this evaluation.

-          Finish a draft of the first paper and receive the comments from my supervisors.

-          Send the abstract of this paper to IIFET 2018 conference and this abstracthas been accepted for oral presentation on July. 2018

-          Will present the first paper to receive the comments from our research group at UiT on the second week of next January.

-          Will improve my first paper and send it to the journal on February 2018.

  • Come back Vietnam on 12.1.2018

-          Will writting the two final papers

-          Extend more six months for the PhD period from the decision of the training committee of UiT.

III. Aquaculture Component

Project title: Effect of elevated temperature and feeding frequency on clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris

Project objective: To get an insight to the effect of global thermal rise on feed intake, appetite, growth, survival rate and welfare of the fish to determine their thermal tolerance

Specific objective: In this study, fish are cultured in different temperature and feeding frequency. Then, feed intake, oxygen consumption, growth and survival rate will be determined to understand how the metabolic rate, energy demand, growth, survivorship and the energy trade-off of the fish at early stages correspond to the thermal stress under limited availability of  food.

In addition, the relation between feed intake and the changes of appetite controled hormone (located in fish brain) levels when fish are acclimated to different temperatures will be studied. Results from this observation will be useful for understanding the consequences  of global warming effect on coral reef fish welfare.


-          Effect of elevated temperature and feeding frequency on growth, feed intake and appetite of Amphiprion ocellaris juvenile.

-          The metabolic rate and appetite of Amphiprion ocellaris in response to different temperature expossured profiles at larval stage.

-          Effect of different thermal regimes on growth performance, metabolic rate and appetite of Amphiprion ocellaris juveniles.

Methods: Details for methods have already presented in the approved research proposal.

Time schedule: 2015-2018


-          01 Research proposal (done)

-          03 Annual report and final report (in progress)

-          At least 01 paper will participate in the international conference (done)

-          At least 01 paper will be published in national journal (in progress)

-          At least 02 paper will be published in ISI journal (in progress)

Activities have been done

  1. Experiments conducted in Nha Trang University then samples were transferred to University of Bergen for molecular analysis.
  2. Finish all mendatory course works for PhD students
  3. First manuscript is in progress.

Tentative Activities in 2018

  1. Manuscript preparing for submitting to ISI journal
  1. Experiment conducted in Nha Trang University.
  2. Attending international symposiums.
  3. Submit PhD thesis.