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29 April 2016

Mentoring Female Faculty and Staff for Career Development

26 April, 2016: Nha Trang University in collaboration with the NORHED Project Management Board organized a workshop on Mentoring Female Faculty and Staff for Career Development. There was the participation of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trang Si Trung, Rector of Nha Trang University and presenters from UiT The Arctic University of Norway - Norway, Auburn University – the U.S., University of Ruhuna - Sri Lanka.

Prof. Curtis Jolly, Auburn University is presenting his report

At the workshop, many reports were presented on the following issues: Measures to support women career development; benefits of the programs of supporting women career development; experiences of Nha Trang University, UiT The Arctic University of Norway - Norway, Auburn University – the U.S., University of Ruhuna - Sri Lanka in supporting women career development... The participants who are NTU female staff and faculty discussed about policies on supporting their research activities, participation in international scientific conferences, paper publishing in international journals, books composing ... They hoped that leaders of Nha Trang University and Norhed Project Management Board continue to concern and facilitate them to achieve the objectives of their career development.


In recent years, Nha Trang University has had many policies to encourage and support female faculty in their professional development. To continue to support them, especially for those who hold doctoral degree want to become associate professors or professors, in the coming years, the University will consider yearly spending a part of the budget to support them to do research, write and publish articles in prestigious international scientific journals, and participate in international scientific conferences.


Nha Trang University currently has 208 female staff, in which 27 hold doctoral degree; 157 hold master’s degree (32 are taking doctoral programs), 24 are studying master courses in international and domestic universities/ institutes.

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