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Extracurricular activities for international students
29 April 2020

Strengthening effective learning from extracurricular activities of international students

Every year, NTU welcomes international students from many different countries such as Laos, Canada, Vanuatu, Liberia ... to attend short and long term training courses. Overcoming the cultural differences to adapt to the life and learning environment in Vietnam, besides the efforts of each student, there is a positive impact from NTU’s extracurricular activities.

         In addition to the lessons in class, sports and leisure activities are also interested by many international students. To improve health and relieve stress after school, many students go to the physical training areas, basketball, volleyball, and football fields to play. This is also an opportunity to meet and make new friends, learn Vietnamese culture through friends who share a common interest in sports. Robbie Iauko, a graduate student in French said: "Football is my favorite activity at school every weekend afternoon, because I think it is a special occasion for me to talk to my friendly friends from different countries. Although we have not in the same language, but when participating in activities, we feel passionate connection. I also like learning about Vietnamese culture”. Khamko Khanvongxai, a Laotian student majoring in automotive technology, also showed interest in after-school football activities “Among the physical activities at school, I like soccer the most because it is an activity I can enjoy and get acquainted with the living environment in Vietnam ”.

        In addition, the University also helps foreign students to learn and integrate with Vietnamese culture through organizing meetings and exchanging activities such as Laotian meeting gala, New Year party for foreigners who are studying and working at the university, etc. “I like to interact with Vietnamese friends to improve my speaking skills as well as to increase my reflexes in class. In addition, because I only came home for Tet and summer holidays, my homesickness is huge, but thanks to the music club, I can keep pursue my passion, and make many new friends who help me overcome my homesickness ” said Manichanh Thavixay. Panitda Phoutthavong also shared that while studying in Vietnam, she participated and experienced traditional Vietnamese holidays such Hung Kings Commemoration, participating in folk game activities to understand more about Vietnamese culture.

         International students attend the year-end party for foreigners organized by the University.

         Proactively integrating with the living environment in Vietnam, many international students also organize English sharing sessions with Vietnamese people, customs and traditions of each country, characteristics in the spiritual life of people in each country. Thanks to such activities, international students integrate and understand more about Vietnamese culture which make them more engaged.

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