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Welcome to Nha Trang University (NTU) which is located in reputedly the most beautiful coastal city in Vietnam. NTU is one of 50 public universities in Vietnam with more than 50 years of history and development.
NTU was established as, and continues to be, a leading institution for education and training at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for the fisheries sector and other related industries of Vietnam. 
Having established a strong foundation on fisheries and aquaculture, NTU is now developing into a multi-level and multi-discipline university in order to provide qualified human resources to meet the needs of the industrialization and modernization of Vietnam. 
With a long history and proud tradition, NTU is developing cooperative partnerships with universities and research institutes in Vietnam and abroad in order to integrate its education and research activities into the region and the world and to ensure its students and faculties to meet the needs of the socio-economic development of the country.  
Assoc. Prof. Trang Si Trung



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trang Si Trung - Rector 

Tel: + 84.58.224 3868

Fax: + 84.58.383 1147

Email: trungts@ntu.edu.vn

General management;

In charge of organization, personnel, finance, capital construction


Vice - Rectors


Dr. Quach Hoai Nam 
Tel:  84.58.383 2061
Fax: 84.58.383 1147
Email: namqh@ntu.edu.vn
Vice-Rector in charge of academic 
  Dr. Khong Trung Thang  

Tel: 84.58.383 2060

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Email: thangkt@ntu.edu.vn

Vice-Rector in charge of research 
affairs, external cooperation 
and internal affairs



  Nha Trang University was founded on August 01, 1959 as the Fisheries Faculty of Hanoi Institute of Agriculture and Forestry. Following the Decision No. 155-CP of the Prime Minister signed on August 16, 1966 the Faculty was separated and named the School of Fisheries. In 1977, the School moved from Hai Phong to Nha Trang and changed its name to the University of Marine Products. In 1980, the university’s name became University of Fisheries. The university has carried its current name "Nha Trang University" since July 25, 2006 according to Decision No. 172/2006/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister.    
  University of Nha Trang sits on acres of land overlooking Vietnam's most beautiful bay. The Campus rests on a beach-front real estate and is the oldest and only public university in Khanh Hoa Province. With more than half a century of history, Nha Trang University has become a prestigious multi-disciplinary and multi-level institution with a strong foundation of fisheries and aquaculture. It has been and continues to be a leading university in the field of fisheries and aquaculture science at the national level, playing a significant role both in driving the development of marine economy in Vietnam and generating the necessary human resources that can accommodate the inevitable integration process of the nation.  
  In accordance with the national higher education reform plan, NTU had prepared to transform from a year-based training system to the credit-based training system since 1990. The credit system has gradually been adopted since 1995, enhancing training quality and services and recognizing students as the center of the training process. Nha Trang University was among the first 20 universities of Vietnam that were assessed and accredited in 2009 by The National Council for Higher Education Accreditation and Quality Assurance.  
  The full-fledge university currently has 21 faculties, institutes, research centers, technology transfer centers and 4 managerial departments. NTU now offers 29 programs for bachelor degrees, 8 programs for master's degrees and 5 programs for doctoral degrees. Additionally, the university also provides associate degrees and various programs for vocational training, short training courses, summer programs and so on to meet the demand of society. It has a stable enrolment of more than 3000 new students annually and the total number of students is approximately 23,000. NTU students come from all over the country and numerous international nations. With 700 employees, including 72 PhD.s, around 300 Masters, and more than 100 teaching staffs are pursuing their graduate programs, NTU is aiming to have 30% of faculties with doctoral degrees by 2015 to offer better training and research quality to the students.  
  For its significant contribution in training and research, Nha Trang University has received many notable awards from the Government such as Labor Medals, Independence Medals, as well as the most prestigious award - the Labor Hero Medal. 
The distinctive mission of Nha Trang University is to serve society as a center of higher education and research, technology transference, and technical services within our academic offerings particularly as they pertain to our strength in fisheries and aquaculture.
Nha Trang University will become a multi-disciplined application-oriented university and a recognized leader among universities in Southeast Asia by 2030; ultimately becoming a leading research-oriented university.

  - In-service Training: 8,800;

- Annual Enrollment: 5,000 students; 

- Alumni: 100  PhDs; 1,000 Masters; 45,000 Bachelors.


    -  Teaching staff: 470

    - Supporting staff: 250
Area (hectare):         



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