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Coordinator's Speech for the Graduation Ceremony
04 May 2020

Prof. Kim Anh Nguyen, Project Coordinator

Speech for the Graduation Ceremony for the NORHED Master’s Program

in Marine Ecosystems Management and Climate Change

Cohort 3

Nha Trang University, August 6th 2019


His Excellency, Charge d'affaires of Norway, Jan Wilhelm

Rector Trang Si Trung, Vice Rector Quach Hoai Nam

Faculty Members, Staff 

Distinguish Guests and Students

It is with great delight that we all gather here to celebrate the success of the NORHED Master’s Program in “Marine Ecosystems Management and Climate Change” and the graduation of Cohort 3. It is also with pride, joy and a sense of deep relief that I witness the successful completion of the international master’s degree program in “Marine Ecosystem Management and Climate Change”. The program has accomplished a great deal since its conceptualization in 2012. We have graduated 46 students overall and of these, 18 (39%) are female. These accomplishments could only have been possible through the dedication and hard work of faculty, staff and administrators of Nha Trang University in collaboration with Tromso, Bergen and Ruhuna Universities. The program was ably supported by professors, experts from the United States of America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Indonesia and other visiting scholars. We are happy to have been able to attract students from 12 countries - Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Liberia, Namibia, Uganda, Zambia and Norway to our program. These students have worked hard and are contributing or are ready to contribute to their societies. We do applaud you for your hard work, dedication and sense of purpose.

You students from the third cohort have paid a ransom and have sacrificed to complete this program. You have spent countless of hours working to seek knowledge, acquire new skills and experience. We hope that you are not disappointed with what you have achieved during the process and that your quest for learning has been satisfied.  Most of your instructors and professors have travelled far and wide and worked untiringly to ensure that you are successful. Their reward is to see that you climb this stage to receive a hard earned diploma and that you return home to contribute to society.

This master’s program fits into Nha Trang University mission statement. The mission of Nha Trang University is “to serve society as a center of higher education and research, technology transfer, and technical services within our strength in fisheries and aquaculture”. We do hope that this training program is sustainable and this is only possible when you return home to improve the lives of your fellow men and women. You, students, are all prepared to participate in a challenging experience that will assist you to become thinkers and agents of change. I hope that the knowledge and skills you have acquired will enable you to adopt a different approach towards the management of the worlds’ most precious resource, the ocean. I also hope that you can now appreciate the importance of the ocean and the need for ecosystems management. Let us hope that your awareness of human’s action can foster climate change, and that you help educate the society to adopt new behaviors that will mitigate its effects. 

You should be thankful for the support you have received from family, friends and loved ones. You have not done it alone. Many people here and in your respective villages and towns also sacrificed to ensure that you are successful. Let us remember to praise them.

I would like at this juncture to sincerely thank Nha Trang University leaders, administrators, faculty, staff and employees for their hard work in making sure that that this program achieved its goals. I would like to thank the government of Vietnam, particularly the Ministry of Education and Training for its support and timely execution of its tasks. Thanks to the private and public sectors and those who worked with us in providing the students the type of experience that will enable them to develop a greater appreciation of the ecosystems environment. Thanks also to the very productive collaborators of Tromso, Bergen and Ruhuna Universities, especially my colleagues who assisted in developing the program. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the faculty members from Auburn University-USA, Bogor University-Indonesia and other visiting scholars who spent time contributing to ensure the success of this program.

On behalf of the NORHED master’s program I would like to thank Rector Prof. Trang Si Trung, Vice Rector Dr. Quach Hoai Nam and all those who have devoted time towards the efficient execution of this program. I would like to thank the Department of Graduate Studies, the Department of External Affairs for their assistance in the development and establishment of this program.

Lastly and most importantly, I would like to sincerely thank the Norwegian Government, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi and NORAD for their continued support to Nha Trang University and to the success of this program. Our only hope is that this program is sustainable.

Graduates go ahead, and change the world!

Thank you.

Kim Anh Nguyen

Project Coordinator


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