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MoU Signing Ceremony with the Vietnam Seaculure Association (VSA)
17 March 2017

MoU Signing Ceremony with the Vietnam Seaculure Association (VSA)

The MoU signing Ceremony between Nha Trang University (NTU) and the Vietnam Seaculture Association (VSA) was held on March 10, 2017 with the participation of leaders and representatives of the two sides.


Based on the potentiality, strengths and needs of each sides, both agreed to sign the MoU with the following main contents:

1. Cooperate to build industrial seaculture models:

- Develop and complete the models of seaweed growing, harvesting and processing in coastal waterways, islands, archipelagoes, and in combination with the improvement and restoration of marine ecological environment.

- Research and develop models: seaculture applying the recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS); Advanced technology of marine fish and marine specialties with industrial scale near islands and archipelagoes.

- Research, design and manufacture a number of means and modern equipment systems for offshore seaculture.

- Cooperate on the pilot implementation of taking enterprises and fishermen offshore, develop industrial seaculture farms, combining economy with national defense.

2. Establish and use specialized seaculture data, documents:

- Cooperate to compile and translate books on advanced seaculture technology to provide for enterprises, association members and students.

- Develop and organize specialized training programs to directly serve the start-up and development of industrial seaculture in Vietnam.

- Collaborate to compile the English-Vietnamese Dictionary on Seaculture; Participate in the compilation of Vietnamese Encyclopedia Dictionary on Seaculture.

- Join the establishment of the start-up fund and development of the industrial seaculture in Vietnam

- Annually, jointly organize contests for scientific and technological achievements and excellent publications in the field of seaculture.

3. Seminar, conference, and promotion of marine aquaculture:

- Cooperate with domestic and foreign partners periodically to hold seminars and symposiums on seaculture.

- Co-organize the International Exposition on SeaCulture Production and Trading.

- Use the website ( and, regularly update and provide information between the two parties.

- Support scientists to publish their research findings in specialized international and domestic magazines.

- Coordinate to provide contents for periodical columns broadcast on Vietnam Television (VTV), Voice of Vietnam (VOV) and appropriate mass media.

Earlier, at the meeting on December 23, 2016 between the NTU leaders and Mr. Nguyen Huu Dung - Chairman of VSA, the two sides had discussed and agreed to sign a MoU on the development of Vietnamese seaculture.

VSA was established on September 23, 2016, a social-professional organization that represents and protects the legal rights of the community and the association members, connects the activities of its members and international partners, contributing to promoting the sustainable development of value-added seafood chains, enhancing the value and competitiveness of 

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