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Professor Ove Hoegh – Guldberg visits Nha Trang University
07 April 2016

Professor Ove Hoegh – Guldberg, Director of Global Change Institute the University of Queensland, Australia


Professor Ove Hoegh–Guldberg, Director of Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland, Australia paid a visit to Nha Trang University from 28 March to 2 April, 2016.


During his working visit, Prof. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg presented a series of papers/presentations on “Climate change and the Ocean” to the master students in Marine Ecosystem-based Management and Climate Change. His presentations focused on 4 main topics (each 1.5 hours long): 


The complexity of the ocean and its physical and chemical response to rising atmospheric greenhouse gases.

- Responses by ocean organisms and ecosystems to rapid ocean warming and acidification at regional scales.

- Coral reefs, ocean warming and acidification impacts, socio-economic implications and adaptation responses and options.

- Climate change, people and ocean ecosystem: mitigation and adaptation options.


Prof. Ove Hoegh - Guldberg at seminar on “Climate change and the Ocean"

NTU lecturers and students at the seminar

The only thing people can do to reduce the risks associated with climate change is to substantially and rapidly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide – the cause of ocean warming and acidification” said Prof. Ove Hoegh–Guldberg.

Prof. Ove Hoegh – Guldberg

NTU lecturers and students at the worshop on "How to write a research project proposal "

Global climate change – if not solved – will have serious consequences for all countries, with serious impacts for social and economic development, especially in agriculture, forestry, fisheries and the livelihoods of people living in rural and coastal areas. 

Therefore, increasing awareness and understanding climate change and its impacts is an important basis to devise appropriate responses. Ove’s thematic discussions have helped NTU lecturers and students raise their awareness and knowledge about and climate change impacts.

Also in his visit, Prof. Ove Hoegh–Guldberg conducted a thematic seminar on "How to write a research project proposal and that highly cited paper” for female lecturers and NORHED master students on 31 March, 2016. With rich experience in teaching and research, Prof. Ove Hoegh–Guldberg shared many new research ideas and methods on how to write an effective research proposal which will be useful for students in preparing their theses/dissertations.. 

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