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VBFoodNet 2015 Conference “Towards a more efficient use of natural resources”
06 March 2016

the network of Vietnam - Belgium universities (VLIR NETWORK VIETNAM

 Implementing the cooperation plan with the network of Vietnam - Belgium universities within the VLIR project (VLIR NETWORK VIETNAM), from 24th to 26th, November, 2015, Nha Trang University hosted the international conference VBFoodNet 2015 with the topic “Towards a more efficient use of natural resources”.

    Over 150 delegates, including scientists, researchers, managers (domestic and foreign) coming from many universities, research institutes, food safety agencies and some companies of Belgium, France Germany, Italy, Turkey, Australia, the Embassy of Belgium in Vietnam, etc attended the workshop.

Participants in the conference


During three days of the conference, the participants focused on the exchange of research results and research orientation in 5 key areas: bioactive compounds and innovative feed & food products, emerging food formulation and processing techniques, food storage and stability, food quality and safety management, analytical tools for feed & food characterization.

Associate Professor Trang Si Trung – Rector of Nha Trang University gives presents to the delegates

On the occasion of participating in the VBFoodNet 2015 Conference, Mr. Geert VANSINTJAN - Deputy Head of Mission Ambassador, Head of Development Cooperation had a meeting with NTU’s leaders. At the meeting, Mr. Geert VANSINTJAN stressed the importance and potential of cooperation between Vietnam and Belgium in general, and between Belgian universities and Nha Trang University in particular, especially in the field of fisheries. Representatives of Belgian universities appreciated the organization of Nha Trang University for VBFoodNet 2015 conference, and recognized Nha Trang University as an active member of the VILR project. They also believed in the strong cooperation potential between NTU and the Belgian universities in the future.

Meeting with Mr. Geert VANSINTJAN and representatives of Belgian universities




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