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Social Distancing at NTU
29 April 2020

Nha Trang University seriously implementing social distancing

Implementing the Prime Minister's Directive 16 regarding social distancing, in the afternoon of March 31, 2020, Rector of Nha Trang University issued a Notice No. 199/TB-DHNT on immediately implementing social distancing measures to prevent Covid-19 epidemic. Accordingly, most of officers at units have started to work online at home since April 1, 2020; students continue to take online learning on E-learning system to ensure the schedule of AY 2019-2020.

Besides, social distancing at the dormitories are being seriously implemented by students with the spirit of self-discipline and following the motto of this room isolating from other rooms. To support students living in dorms in the period of social distancing, the University canteen serves meals for students. These meals cost 57,000 VND/day and funded by Nha Trang University. Student Tran Ho My Duyen (58QTKD2 Class) shared, “Yesterday, I received a notice about the quarantine, I was a bit worried, but after reading it carefully, I realized this is a necessary measure to ensure the safety of myself and others. From today, my roommates are seriously in our room, maintain online learning and self-study. I also helped the canteen staffs to prepare the meals for the students in the dorms. We all wear masks and ensure a 2-meter-distance as required. The meals are quite delicious and nutritious for us. I am very grateful to the University for creating the best conditions for us in this period”.


The Vice-Rector – Dr. Tran Doan Hung said: “Coping with the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, we believe that the strict implementation of social distancing in accordance with the Prime Minister's Directive 16 is essential. With our readiness, after receiving the Prime Minister's Directive 16, NTU immediately applied the plan to close the University, allowed officers, lecturers and students to work, teach and study online; at the same time, closed the dormitories and isolated room by room, joining hands for the safety and health of the community. The University units have quickly coordinated to closely supervise the process of social distancing in the University, on the other hand actively support students by ensuring three meals/day for nearly 200 domestic students and international students staying at the dormitories. We also hope that with the awareness and spirit for the community of our staff members and students in particular and the whole society in general, we will strictly implement strong measures of the authorities and guidances and instructions of the ministries, then we will soon stop this epidemic.”

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