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01 September 2016

8.000 high school students registered for the national exam

From July 1st to 4th, at the exam cluster No 49, Nha Trang University has succeeded in hosting the National High School Graduation Exam 2016.
Starting from June 26th, NTU Student Association has launched a campaign to assist the examinees. 200 NTU students joined the initiative “Students with the National High School Graduation Exam”. The volunteers were organized into 10 teams camped at 10 exam points, bus stations, and main streets to support the examinees. They have helped look for free accommodations, find cheap and hygienic restaurants; and regulate traffic.
With the support of donors such as Nha Trang MTV Sanest Co., Ltd, Viettel Telecom Company, Ltd.  Nha Trang House of Sanest Co., Ltd, Military Bank (MB), and Youth Newspaper and authorities of Khanh Hoa province, the examinees were provided with 1810 free accommodations at the dormitories of NTU, 1000 rooms in hotels near exam points and more than 20,000 free water bottles.
The university had prepared 305 exam rooms in 10 exam points and mobilized more than 750 staff to coordinate the exam. It had also cooperated with the provincial health services, police agencies to ensure medical services, traffic, security, and other logistics. All infrastructures serving the exam were also carefully prepared.
As the exam concluded, there was 99.04% examinees turned up at the exam cluster No 49, with Foreign Languages subject having the highest participants - 99.55%, History subject had the lowest participation - 94.02%. Reports showed that 6 examinees violated the exam regulations and were dismissed from the exam. This included 5 examinees bringing cellphones into the exam rooms and 1 examinee used prohibited materials in the exam room. All proctors and exam supervisors performed well their duties with no reported violations.
169 teachers from Nha Trang University and other universities, colleges and high schools in Khanh Hoa province will grade the exams from July 7th to July 20th

Some images about the exam:

Before the exam

Call examinees to enter the exam room

Examinees discuss with their friends after the exam

Deliver free foods to examinees and their parents


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