The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) is a directorate under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Results in the fight against poverty

Norad is committed to ensuring the quality of development assistance

Respect, integrity, creativity

Norad’s functions are laid down in the agency’s terms of reference and annual letters of allocation issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The majority of Norwegian development assistance is administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Norwegian foreign missions. In the case of aid funds that are not administered by Norad, the agency provides advice on what is required to achieve results, communicates results and contributes to debate on the effects of development assistance.

Quality assurance is defined as one of Norad’s five main tasks, but is also an aspect common to all its main tasks.

In the years up to 2015, Norad will

  • Help to empower recipient countries to achieve their own development goals
  • Concentrate most resources on following up on the main priority areas of Norwegian development policy
  • Help to promote a focus on and communicate the results of the entire range of Norwegian development assistance activities
  • Produce and apply knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in order to improve development assistance
  • Be an instigator of public debate on development assistance and development
  • Develop expertise, working methods and leadership that enable Norad to solve complex tasks effectively

(From Norad’s Strategy towards 2015: Results in the Fight against Poverty).

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